Those Transformin' Felines
Episode Number 14
Original Airdate 20 September 1990
KNT episode Onegai! Koon-nokami wa ninki ga hoshii
KNT episode number 15
Episode Staff
Previous episode The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part 2)
Next Episode The Case of the Bogus Billionaire

Everyone in Little Tokyo is going crazy over the latest wave of Pizza Cats merchandise and the merchants are pumped with monet from the sales. Big Cheese is angry due to the fact that the Cat's are popular and that Jerry Attric are interested in them. Bad Bird is piloting a boat down the river, with Big Cheese under the boat who has a plan. Big Al, who was able to witness Bad Bird, thought that he was suspicious, so he called the Pizza Cats. They blasted off as Cheese continues to look for ways to improve his image. He tries to save people from danger, but causing more trouble as he does. A Ninja Crow - Rude Noise appears in a new robot, and starts eliminating the town. In this plan, Big Cheese comes to the rescue in a robot that looks just like him, but the Cats come with Supreme Catatonic and begins to battle the enemies. The enemies are feared and runs away, but Speedy is able to destroy Cheese's robot.


  • When the Supreme Catatonic kicks the Rude Noise's robot, a brief shot of Marilyn Monroe is seen.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot at the comic stand panning down was shortened to remove the insignias.
  • A shot where a scroll with writing taken down by Bog Cheese was cut.
  • A scene where the Big Cheese robot's shadow approaches the Pizza Cats cuts before they stand off with their swords against the Rude Noise's robot.
  • A scene where the Pizza Cats are caught in the Big Cheese robot's hair shortens where the Rude Noise's robot draws near.
  • A shot of Big Cheese complaining on the Supreme Catatonic robot was cut.
  • A scene where Speedy being chased by the Ninja Crows but gets scared by Speedy's frightening look was cut.
  • A shot of Speedy's helmet plate slipping over his eyes while posing for his victory was cut.