The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part 2)
Episode Number 13
Original Airdate 19 September 1990
KNT episode Gyakuten! Nyankii sora wo tobu
KNT episode number 14
Episode Staff
Previous episode The Pizza Cats Are Only Human (Part 1)
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After crawling back into Little Tokyo, the Pizza Cats are sent to find Guru Lou, who will help them defeat the robot. Bad Bird activates a pair of magnifying glasses in the robot's fans, resulting in a beam from the sun that will burn up Little Tokyo. When they met up with Guru Lou, they had to prove worthy to receive a robot of their own by presenting their logic, violence, begging, and bribery. Guru finally tells that they will have to play poker, while the town is still under attack by heat beams. Winning the game, Polly and the gang searches for the robot, and run into trouble with Bad Bird. Speedy is finally able to release the Supreme Catatonic from a statue. They form the Extra-Topping Pizza Cats as they control their new robot to defeat Bad Bird's robot. Jerry Atric reveals that Guru actually found the Supreme Catatonic and Guru took the credit of him building it. Jerry also reveals that Guru is really a phony.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene where Bad Bird tortures the citizens of Little Tokyo was shortened to remove the citizens on fire and building being destroyed.
  • A shot of Big Cheese foaming and squirming in pain from Bad Bird's attack was cut.
  • A scene edits where Guru Lou is introduced.  It included him shown dancing around with giant plugs in his nose and where he touches Polly's breasts.
  • The scene where Polly attacks Guru Lou was shown later after Guru refused to help them, whereas in the Japanese original, Polly attacks him for his perversion.
  • A short scene where the cats react to Guru Lou's refusal to help him where Speedy laughs nervously and nods his head down in despair.
  • A scene where Guru Lou trips from Speedy grabbing onto his feet and literally getting flushed down the toilet was cut.