The Nuclear Potato
Episode Number 7
Original Airdate 11 September 1990
KNT episode Maji!? Karamaru ga hiirou ni naru hi?
KNT episode number 7
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Bad Bird's robots are attacking the city but are disposed by the Pizza Cats. Cheese successfully has Emperor Fred let his friends dump their toxic potato peelings in Little Tokyo. As a bonus, the dumpers give Big Cheese a nuclear potato. The next day, everyone has gathered to watch the bribes from the ship being unloaded. Amongst the fancy treasure chests, there is an innocent-looking wooden box (which Speedy speculates containing the nuclear potato). Al Dente calls the Pizza Cats into action, and they blast off towards the harbour. When they arrive, one of the Ninja Crows flys into the air, and begins showering the crowd with gifts. As they scramble to get them, the four robots carrying the box slip into a back alley unnoticed. Speedy happens to spot their retreat, and the Pizza Cats confront Bad Bird and his henchmen. A battle commences and Francine sends for Spritz T. Cat, the fourth member of the Rescue Team and he uses water from the ocean to short-circuit the robots. The nuclear potato is revealed as a dud. But Big Cheese has another nuclear potato but it is just for baking in his new microwave.


  • In the Japanese version, Bad Bird got a break and the Big Cheese thanks Bad Bird for giving him the microwave. Bad Bird was happy for that.

Scene CutsEdit

  • Bad Bird's flashback cuts out a shot of the young ninja crows impressed by Bad Bird's shuriken practice and shortening his appearance where he announces himself.
  • A scene where Big Cheese and Big Al Dente have a meeting is shortened cutting shots involving the Emperor picking his nose and sneezing which later shows his nose running.
  • Three shots of citizens fighting over supplies from Bad Bird's Ninja Crow was cut.
  • A shot of Bad Bird commanding the robots to attack cuts where he pushes Speedy aside.
  • A shot where the robots were introduced cuts a part where a Japanese scroll on the screen is shown.