The Great Golden Cluck
Episode Number 4
Original Airdate 6 September 1990
KNT episode Nayami o kaiketsu? Kaado de tiin!
KNT episode number 4
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Previous episode Underground, Underwater, Undercooked
Next Episode Let the Cellar Beware

A flying demon emerges in Little Tokyo but is finally recognized as a giant gold chicken with Bad Bird as the pilot. He announces that his robot can tell the future and grant wishes - for a price. When a woman wants her husband to be cured so they can boogie again, the robot grans their wish and it comes true. Everyone rushes to the machine to receive their fortunes as Speedy notices that the first demonstrated couple was being paid by the Ninja Crows. Everyone from around the world are being granted wishes as the Big Cheese is swimming in money. Soon, Cluck decides to leave and reaches a rich man's house to talk about his investments, and the Pizza Cats arrive in time and start battling with the Ninja Crows. An octopus is released from the broken robot and begins attacking the Cats. Reinforcements for the Pizza Cats arrive and they demolish the competition.


  • In the Japanese version, Bad Bird was drinking sake.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene where Bad Bird in disguise hanging above the Big Cheese's fortune cuts where he talks followed by a shine in his eye.
  • A scene where Speedy despairs when the shop closes up was cut.
  • A scene where an intoxicated gorilla goes to makes a wish was cut
  • A scene where a gorilla was throwing a party was cut due to use of alcoholism.
  • A scene where the Ninja Crows robbed the house after the party was cut due to time constraints.