The Cheese Who Stole Christmas
Episode Number 47
Original Airdate Not aired
KNT episode Nyankii santa sora wo yuku
KNT episode number 48
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The Big Cheese dresses up as Santa Clause and gives the children masks that won't come off, in order to ruin Santa's reputation. So it's up to the Pizza Cats to clear Santa's reputation and get the masks off.

Scene Cuts Edit

  • A scene where the Pizza Cats show off their gifts; Speedy rapidly opening his present and receives the first KNT VHS tape, Guido gets a Date Map magazine, Polly trying out her nail polish giving her nails a manicure, and Francine trying out her new calculator which shows japanese text on the result screen followed by the cats' confused reaction, has been cut.
  • A scene where Guido taps Speedy's head with a miniature mallet in which Speedy angrily enlarges his head yelling at him and then head-bashes him was cut.