The Cats Cop Cartoon Careers
Episode Number 52
Original Airdate Not aired
KNT episode Nyankii wa fumetsu desu!
KNT episode number 54
Episode Staff
Previous episode The Big Comet Caper (Part 2)

A clip show, that flashbacks to some of the character's best and funny moments .

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Adesugata Mecha Cat! is played as a minor segment from No Talent Guido in the KNT version.
  • The creators (of the KNT) stated that they were going to have another season where Dr. Purple (Dr. パープ), was going to appeared and meant to replace Ko'on-no-Kami (Seymour Cheese) as the new villain. Also noted that Karamaru (Bad Bird) will switch sides with the heroes.