The Big Comet Caper (Part 1)
Episode Number 50
Original Airdate 9 November 1990
KNT episode Koon-nokami shijou saidai no sakusen!
KNT episode number 52
Episode Staff
Previous episode Quake, Rattle, and Roll
Next Episode The Big Comet Caper (Part 2)

In a last desperate attempt to take over, the Big Cheese diverts a comet towards Little Tokyo and blackmails the city. Carla convinces Bad Bird to retire being a Ninja and get married. Bad Bird agrees; however, he tells her that he needs to do one last job before he retires. Can the Pizza Cats stop the comet before it destroys Little Tokyo?


  • Carla appears in this episode.
  • Big Cheese crossdresses in this episode.
  • In the SPC version, the Big Cheese gets caught stealing money from the Royal Family. Jerry advises him to resign or else he'll be banished.
    • In the Japanese KNT version, the Big Cheese is exiled from the council for the cause of exponential decrease of finances.

Scene Cuts Edit

  • The Bid Cheese's reaction to being banished to Prisoner Island consisting of insignias and a black background was cut.
  • The Pizza Cat's reaction to Francine's news which shows an insignia covering her was cut.