Seymour Jr.
Seymour Jr. is a baby tanuki (raccoon dog) who thinks the Big Cheese is his father (because the kitsune "fox" looks like a tanuki.) He only appeared in "Son of Big Cheese." The baby thinks the Big Cheese is his father. Princess Vi gives the baby his name (named after the Big Cheese). People in Little Tokyo think the Big Cheese is an irresponsible father when the Big Cheese found him. Seymour Jr. draws on Emperor Fred's face. Big Al Dente picks him up and Seymour Jr. wet his diaper and the floor. Because of the baby, Princess Vi orders the Big Cheese to take care of the baby, to open a daycare center and diaper cleaning service (or the Big Cheese quits the council). The Pizza Cats thought the Big Cheese gave up being a bad guy to take care a baby. The bad guys have to take care of the baby for a while until the baby stumbled upon the giant robot and took it. The baby was able to unleashed the robot's full potential while battling the Pizza Cats until the baby saw the Big Cheese and decide that he wants his father. Meanwhile, the Pizza Cats wrongfully accused the Big Cheese of kidnapping the baby. The Pizza Cats rescued the baby, destroyed the robot, and return the baby to his mother, Sylvia. Big Cheese grew to like the child and he says that he beginning to miss the baby.


Sylvia (mother)


Seymour Cheese, he thinks Seymour Cheese is his father.

Sylvia, his mother