Supreme Catatonic
The Supreme Catatonic
KNT name Nyago King (ニャゴキング)</td></tr>


The Supreme Catatonic is a giant robot that aids the Pizza cats whenever they get into a tight spot. The Catatonic is summoned by a signal sent out by Speedy's Ginzu Sword. It has two forms; Sphinx mode which is the default form during stand by, and robot form for battling. The Supreme Catatonic is also what launches The Goonie Birds who combine with the Cats, transforming them into the Extra Topping Pizza Cats. The robot is armed with fish-themed weapons such as a fish spear and fish blaster. When not being used the Supreme Catatonic is stored in a statue in Mt. Coochie.

The giant robot was really created by the Great Warrior.

Supreme Catatonic Goony launch

The Catatonic launching a Goonie Bird