Stop Dragon My Cat Around!
Samurai Pizza Cats
Episode Number 1
Original Airdate 3 September 1990
KNT episode Himitsu ninjatai Nyankii shutshudou!
KNT episode number 1
Episode Staff
Screenwriter Akahori Satoru (JP)
Next Episode If You Knew Sushi Like I Know Sushi

"Stop Dragon My Cat Around!" is the 1st episode of the Samurai Pizza Cats series.


Speedy is serving a pizza to Lucille but then Guido pops up and steals the Pizza to deliver it Lucille. As they continue to reach their destination, they continuously steal the pizza from each other. When Speedy gives it to Lucille, Guido says that Lucille and he are in love, and the two get into a brawl. Lucille stops them by blow them up. Bad Bird sends out a giant, robotic dragon and it wreaks havoc on Little Tokyo. Speedy and Guido notices Ninja Crows inside the Dragon and they decide to defeat this machine before it demolishes every structure in the city.


  • The episode's title mimics "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" - a rock song by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty.
  • Bad Bird uses a notable quote - "Go ahead, make my day!". It first appeared in the movie "Sudden Impact", spoken by Clint Eastwood. The quote was pretty popular ever since.
  • Guido's phrase "Hey yard birds, remember the '60s?" is a reference to the popular '60s rock band The Yardbirds. Then he also mentions another rock band from the sixties, Iron Butterfly.
  • Guido references the destruction of the Brazilian Rainforest in one scene, while Greenpeace is referenced as well by Speedy

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene where Guido hits Speedy with mallet cuts where he appears on top of the building.
  • Scenes involving the Ninja Crows being burned by Polly's heart darts and screaming in pain from Polly's scratch attack was cut from the original Japanese airing.
  • A scene showing the insignia of the nearly defeated robot and the narrator explaining the robot's weaknesses is cut.
  • A shot of Speedy before he uses his Ginzu Sword is cut.
  • A shot of Jerry despairing after the Big Cheese recovers from exploding was cut.
  • A shot of the Pizza Cats on the bridge.