Spritz T. Cat
KNT Character Template:Nihongo3
Demonym(s) Spritz T. Cat
Gender Male
Species Robot Cat
Affiliation Rescue Team
Voice actor (SPC) Mark Camacho
Seiyuu (KNT) Takehito Koyasu

Spritz T. Cat ("T" stands for "The") is a dark brown cat, a scuba-diving marine specializing in all things aquatic. Able to do amazing things with water cannons, Spritz rules the element of water quite well. Like the rest of his crew, Spritz lately finds himself rebuilding Miranda City after major battles. Courageous and quick on his feet, Spritz will dare to go where no one else will tread (Once he escaped a Ninja Crow jail cell by diving into the toilet and swimming through the sewer system.) Using such quick thinking tricks as posing as a grandfather clock, Spritz is clever and creative when the situation demands. As a water-master, Spritz will use the system of hoses in his tail armor to draw in water from any convenient source and use it to drive his awesome high-pressure double arm cannon water blasters. He sometimes carries a deck of trick cards with emit tiny water geysers for show. Spritz is an avid card player and loves a good poker game. He will often enter town by shooting up through a sudden water geyser from any convenient water source--usually the Miranda Square fountain.




Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • His tail as a suction hose
  • His wrist guards as nozzles
  • Two tanks on his back for water storage
  • Aquatic breathing


  • Spritz has respect for the oceans, he's an underwater warrior and he loves water.