Son of Big Cheese
Episode Number 23
Original Airdate 3 October 1990
KNT episode Rereh? Koon-nokami ni kodomo!?
KNT episode number 24
Episode Staff
Previous episode Big Cheese Shows His Filmy Substance
Next Episode Gender Bender Butterflies!

A baby tanuki (raccoon dog) child belives Big Cheese is his father, so Princess Vi orders him to open a daycare center and a diaper-cleaning service or the Big Cheese quits the council. Princess Vi names the baby Seymour Jr. The Pizza Cats thought the Big Cheese gave up being a bad guy to take care a baby. The kid and the cleaning causes delays with his latest giant robot. The bad guys have to take care of the baby for awhile until the baby stumble upon the giant robot and took it. Meanwhile, Speedy's friend Sylvia (a tanuki (raccoon dog)) tells Speedy that her baby boy was kidnapped. The Pizza Cats wrongfully accused the Big Cheese of kidnapping Sylvia's baby. The Pizza Cats rescue the baby and destroy the robot. The Pizza Cats return the baby to his mother.


At the beginning The Ninja Crows and Jerry Atric stomach growling in the original.

The Big Cheese is the first person to call the Princess crazy in front of everyone including the Princess.

The Big Cheese is wrongfully accused of kidnapping the baby.

In the KNT version, the Big Cheese is wrongfully accused of having an illegitimate child

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot of Big Cheese finding the baby on the front page with Japanese words is cut.
  • A scene where Sylvia's baby urinates on the floor while being held by Big Al Dente and Big Cheese changing his diaper was cut.
  • A scene where Big Cheese imagines tending the crying baby out in the streets is cut.
  • A scene where Bad Bird makes milk for the baby was shortened to remove where he reads a book with insignias.
  • Shots of the Sumo robot controlled by Sylvia's baby cuts where Guido slices down the metal underwear followed by an embarrassed Polly closing her eyes and peaking, and his buttocks being shown.
  • A shot where a sign appears behind Princess Vi is cut.