Samurai Charm School
Episode Number 19
Original Airdate 27 September 1990
KNT episode Eh!? Pururun no ojousama sengen
KNT episode number 20
Episode Staff
Previous episode Speedy's Double-Time Trick
Next Episode Drummin' Up Trouble with a Big Bad Beat

Polly decides she needs to be less temperamental and more lady-like, so she goes to a modeling school, which is really a front for the Big Cheese's plan to hire some women warriors.


  • Polly's red hair appears for the third time.
  • Polly wears a kimono
  • Big Cheese crossdresses in this episode
  • The Supreme Catatonic destroys the robot and not Speedy.
  • The robot of the day's name is based off Little Richard's song: Long Tall Sally
  • Bad Bird mention's Jane Fonda's name while watching the girls exercise.


  • Guido: "Oh boy, we're in deep anchovies now. What're we gonna tell Polly?"
    Speedy: "What am I a rat or a cat I don't have to defend myself. Oh who am I kidding?"
     Polly in Speedy and Guido's fantasy.
  • "If we're lucky somebody rewrote the next scene." Bad Bird watching the girls lift their feet.
  • Bad Bird: This is worse than watching a Jane Fonda video!
     Guido breaking the fourth wall.
  • Narrator; "Confused? the boys were late for work because they were romancing Lucille."
  • Speedy breaking the fourth wall; "What do you think, folks? Looks like Polly's got a doppelganger."
  • Guido; "I think it was the rewrites I was hoping for."
  • Francine; "You're just lucky she doesn't break into "I Feel Pretty"."
  • Speedy; "It's worse than I feared. We're in the sequel of the Stepford Wives."

Scene CutsEdit

  • Two scenes of Big Cheese in a Geisha gown held by Polly and Momma Mutt erases the Japanese words.
  • The beauty school shot cuts where signs of words are shown.
  • Scenes involving the narrator by a blackboard and turning pages for the girls' tasks was cut.
  • A shot of the robot of the day (like all other episodes) cuts the insignias.
  • Shots of the robot Long Tall Sally shown only in her undergarments lost from the Supreme Catatonic were cut or replaced.
  • After Speedy falls to the ground, a second of a shot was cut removing where he lands very hard shaking the screen.