Princess Vi
Princess vi
KNT Character Usa Hime (ウサ姫さま)</td></tr>
Demonym(s) Princess Vi</td></tr>
Voice actor (SPC) Susan Glover</td></tr>
Seiyuu (KNT) Kawamura Maria</td></tr>


Princess Vi (full name Violet) is the young rabbit daughter of Emperor Fred, and unofficial ruler of Little Tokyo. She is rather spoiled, selfish, crazy, delusional, stupid, and temperamental. She has a tendency to banish all who displease her to Prisoner Island (which is actually a tropical paradise, but she doesn't know it) or, later, Extra's Island. She thinks her way is the only way (which causes problems to everyone and her way doesn't always go her way).

Princess Vi is devoted to her absent mother where their relationship is very unusual and dynamic—-they try to beat each other up when they first reunite. She gets jealous when someone else gets more attention than her. There are a few episodes where the Princess isn't mean, like "The Son of Big Cheese." where she is nice to the baby and she didn't mind letting the baby draw on the Emperor Fred's face.

Love InterestsEdit

  • Speedy Cerviche: He first met Princess Vi at the palace when she was looking for a playmate.
  • Fernando: He was brainwashed by the Big Cheese. But gotten over him after she fell in love with Bad Bird.
  • Bad Bird: Princess Vi notices Bad Bird at the baseball field and got a crush on him. She offers him love, wealth, and being royalty; however, Bad Bird didn't want any of it. She tried to marry him by force, but he always managed to escape.



  • Empress Fredia: She loves her mother deeply.
  • Big Al Dente: He serves as the princess's caretaker who tries to persuade to take her duties and studies seriously, but she tries to avoid it.
  • Speedy Cerviche: Vi was looking for a playmate until she bumped into Speedy who protected her from the bad guys. Later, Princess Vi threatens him to send him to Prisoner Island if he doesn't give her and her mother ice-cream. Later, she banishes Speedy and her own father to Prisoner Island when Emperor Fred ruins her pizza.
  • Bad Bird: She fell in love with him at the baseball game, disguised as a vendor. Throughout the series, she continues to pursue after his hand in marriage either by force and kidnapping, but manages to escape.[1] She remains oblivious of his evil character and has yet to move on.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a reference to Princess Di.
  • She tends to skip school
  • She has very low IQ
  • Al Dente and Seymour Cheese are the only ones that stood up to her behavior.


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