Polly's Magical Flute
Episode Number 31
Original Airdate Not aired
KNT episode Pururun no fue wa otogibanashi?!
KNT episode number 32
Episode Staff
Previous episode All You Need is Love
Next Episode Close Encounters of the Pig Kind

The Big Cheese discovers an old legend about a flute that will call out forest pixies who will give you a treasure, so he collects all the flutes in Little Tokyo.


  • This episode was not shown in America but has been dubbed in English.  It is now available on DVD.
  • The KNT Version is Episode #32.
  • The Big Cheese crossdresses in this episode.
  • Polly uses her finishing attack power for the first time in this episode.
  • This is the third episode that Speedy does not finish off the robot.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene clocking to nearly a minute cuts where the Narrator shows Jerry Atric as a turtle and Speedy in a kimono and the origins of the flute and the pixie.  The scene ends when Big Cheese breaks the fourth wall by shoving the Narrator.
  • A shot showing the Unhappy Camper's insignias was cut.