Pointless Sisters (Lovely Mipple in KNT) is a girl group formed by Polly Esther and Lucille.

The group formations and first appearance was in "Singing Samurai Sensation!" episode when a manager, Charlie Bird told the girls he can make them big stars. They agreed to participate and have formed a Pointless Sisters group. They were very polular group in the Little Tokyo. Later in the episode it is revealed that Charlie Bird is actually a dressed Bad Bird and while the girls were singing, they were transmitting hypnotic energy waves mixed with the subliminal messages. That made the Little Tokyo citizens to enslave themselves in the robots feets thus becoming a moving force. That made Polly very angry. Together with General Catton they have freed the citizens and Speedy has destroyed the robots. The Pointless Sisters was forgotten after that. Polly and Lucille were sad about it. Speedy and Guido tried to cheer them up. However it didn`t work for Lucille - she really missed the Pointless Sisters group and that mades her fire missiles out of her hairdo

Pointless sisters song:
Pointless Sisters

Pointless Sisters

Pointless Sisters

Track lyrics

(Lucille solo) Once....everyone thought that we were square.
That we weren't going anywhere.
But now we're here as you can see.

(Polly solo) I've spent my days just making meals,
fighting crime, and spinning wheels.
But now I sing my song for you.

(Lucille) We're the Pointless Sisters now.
(Polly) So relax, don't have a cow.
(Both:) When we're thru, just clap your hands.
We'll take a bow.....We're Pointless Now!!

In KNT Lovely Mipple perfomed Template:Nihongo3 song.

Pointless Sisters are a music group by Polly Esther and Lucille. Their manager Charlie (Later to be Bad Bird) Later, their band turns out to be a fake plotted by the Big Cheese. Polly got very angry and battle the Big Cheese's robots. After saving the day, the Pointless sisters are forgetten. Speedy and Guido tried to cheer them up, but Polly and Lucille beat them up. Later, in another episode #29. Polly and Lucille tried to revited the Pointless Sisters. Episode 11 the Pointless sisters appeared in the flashback episode