Pizza Bird Delivers!
Episode Number 21
Original Airdate 1 October 1990
KNT episode Karasu ga piza motte tokkyubin?
KNT episode number 22
Episode Staff
Previous episode Drummin' Up Trouble with a Big Bad Beat
Next Episode Big Cheese Shows His Filmy Substance

The Big Cheese hasn't paid his minions in three weeks, so Bad Bird gets a job at the Samurai Pizza Parlour, failing to recognize the Cats in their civilian clothes. The Pizza Cats took him in. Speedy and the other Pizza Cats thought he wouldn't pass the aptitude test due to the fact the Pizza Cats barely pass it themselves. Bad Bird not only he pass the test, but he didn't miss a single answer (He got a 100). For the first time in his life Bad Bird knows real job satisfaction and real friends, and is torn between his duty to live up to the evil legacy of his father, and his desire to seek his own path to personal happiness.


Bad Bird is more competent in delivering pizzas than the Pizza Cats.

The Pizza Cats are jealous when Bad Bird made more money than them.

Bad Bird and Speedy form a bond of friendship, which shows up in later episodes.

This will foreshadow the events of Bad Bird becoming good.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene where Guido rams into a steel bell by the bell tower cuts where Japanese words are shown over the hills.
  • Shots with insignias (the cat sign, above the robot of the day, and after Big Cheese short circuiting in almost every episode) were cut.