Phoney Baloney Cat
Episode Number 46
Original Airdate 5 November 1990
KNT episode Deta! Nise Nyankii
KNT episode number 47
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Previous episode Samurai Savings Time
Next Episode The Cheese Who Stole Christmas

The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric, and Bad Bird try to ruin the reputation the Cats by posing as them. But the bungle everything up and people soon realize they are fakes.


  • The Big Cheese is Speedy
  • Bad Bird is Guido
  • Jerry Atric is Polly


Polly says: Jerry dress is in my custom. He's so old how can anyone think that is me that's ridiculous!

Speedy says: could have been all those wrinkles

Guido says: or probably he's just as moody as you

(Speedy and Guido laugh)

Polly kicks them and yells: you two are so funny!

Edits Edit

  • Shots of Big Cheese, Jerry dressed as a sentai hero, and Bad Bird posing with Japanese insignias.
  • The Narrator being banished to Prisoner Island followed by Princess Vi sticking her tongue out at the screen.
  • Speedy ripping the newspaper with Japanese text apart.
  • The Pizza Cats sighing from Lucille's joke is replaced with a repeated shot of Speedy.
  • Jerry and Big Cheese posing with the words "Game Over" on the screen followed by a very angry Big Cheese with a red enlarged head yelling at Jerry running away from him.