No Talent Guido
Episode Number 29
Original Airdate 11 October 1990
KNT episode Aidoru densetsu? Sukashii no shutsudou
KNT episode number 30
Episode Staff
Screenwriter Akahori Satoru (JP)
Previous episode Destructo Robots at Popular Prices
Next Episode All You Need is Love

No Talent Guido is the twenty-ninth episode of Samurai Pizza Cats, and the thirtieth episode of Kyatto Ninden Teyandee.


Speedy, Polly, and Lucille are all becoming music stars, leaving a depressed Guido to save the city from the Big Cheese's singing.


  • This episode reveals that Big Cheese is a terrible singer.
  • Lucille sings in Polly's voice during the Pointless Sisters song.
  • The song Rude Noise performs is similar to Def Leppard's "Love Bites".
  • This episode is the second time the Rescue Team uses their ultimate weapon.
  • Guido finishes off the robot and counts the second time Speedy does not attack.


  • Beaky Bickerson: Watch out, Paula Abdul!

Scene CutsEdit

  • A shot of Beaky Bickerson's membership card was cut due to insignias.
  • Like some episodes, the words after Big Cheese's angry explosion and the robot of the day was cut.
  • A scene where Speedy gets pushed up against the wall by the robot's buck-tooth was cut.  One shot also shows Speedy still trapped from it.
  • A scene where Speedy attempts to fight but gets trapped again by the robot's tooth, followed by Guido avoiding the other, was cut.
  • The final shot showing the pizzeria with faces of the Pizza Cats was cut.