The Ninja Crows (カラカラ一族, Karasu Ninja):Jerry Atric and the Big Cheese's personal army of henchmen, these crows are led by Bad Bird. They are often the first to face the Pizza Cats in battle, and, with a few exceptions, are defeated easily because the Big Cheese cut their training budget and he spent their money on dresses. They usually go out in disguises for schemes or making money. When they are not doing any evil schemes for the Big Cheese, they serve as his bodyguards, chauffeurs, deliverymen, machine builders, laundromats, housekeepers, maids, babysitters, errand boys/girls, and other odd jobs. Voice: Rick Jones (English)

After the comet, the clan is disbanded.


  • The Big Cheese:
  • Bad Bird:
  • Jerry Atric: