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Demonym(s) Lucille
Voice actor (SPC) Susan Glover
Seiyuu (KNT) Mizutani Yuuko

Lucille is a sheep and the owner of a tea house, Lucille is the main object of both Speedy's and Guido's affections, and a primary cause of conflict between them. Her hairstyle and shoulder pads conceal a number of homing missiles, which are launched in Itano Circus fashion whenever she gets overly-emotional. She has an older brother named Wally, who works as a sushi chef. She is in love with Speedy and Guido. Polly and Lucille formed a music group Pointless Sisters. She also wears a pink kimono.



  • Her Japanese name, Omitsu, may be a reference to the character Omitsu from Ganbare Goemon, with whom she shares many similarities, such as her occupation and relationship to the main characters.