Kind of a Drag
Episode Number 8
Original Airdate 12 September 1990
KNT episode Kowaai? Koon-no-kami no hi-mi-tsu
KNT episode number 8
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Previous episode The Nuclear Potato
Next Episode Double Trouble for Princess Vi

Big Cheese is throwing severely embarrassed tantrums, and he wants revenge. During delivery, Guido bumps into a girl and becomes awed with her beauty. She explains that she is being chased by Ninja Crows but Guido was not listening. When the Ninja Crows approach, Guido made them retreat. Taking Ruby home, Guido finally arrives at Ruby's condominium and is very impressed by the high-class building (but inside is a dump). She reveals that she had made a dress for Big Cheese's niece (Which turns out to be a lie and she doesn't realize she made the dress for him.), and when Guido left, Bad Bird bursts in but is scared away by the noise from Ruby cutting sheet metal with a band saw. Bad Bird returns to the Ninja Crows to tell them where the girl lives. Seymour tells them that he was dressing up in costume for "The Sound of Music" (he was Maria von Trapp), when Ruby stumbled in on him, embarrassing him completely. He wants to dispose of her before she tells anyone about it. The Pizza Cats receives a call from Ruby that her house is being attacked. They send Bat Cat to pull Ruby and her father out of the way from a robot. Speedy successfully destroys the maniacal robot with his Ginzu Sword. When Big Cheese realizes that the girl was almost blind, his plan was a complete waste as she was not even able to see him in the costume (for Sound of Music). Guido is shocked when Ruby's boyfriend arrives.


  • Big Cheese crossdresses for the first time in this episode.

Scene CutsEdit

  • Scenes where Jerry Atric being caked in Big Cheese's saliva from yelling have been cut.
  • A scene where a Ninja Crow yells at Guido (traumatized by Ruby's beauty) to hand over Ruby was shortened.
  • The Japanese insignias on the boards were erased or cut from the original.
  • Shots of angry protesters torturing Big Cheese in his dream sequence were cut.
  • A scene where Polly remembers bashing Guido on the head with a frying pan was cut.
  • Shots of Bad Bird's robot destroying the village were cut.
  • A scene where Polly scratches a Ninja Crow showing scratches on his face was cut.