Gone with the Ginzu
Episode Number 43
Original Airdate Not aired
KNT episode Pinchi! Nusumareta Masamasa
KNT episode number 44
Episode Staff
Previous episode Kung Fu Kitty Kontest
Next Episode A Little Bit 'O Luck

The bad guys steal the Magical Ginzu Sword and make a replica of it. When the Pizza Cats retrieve the sword, they think everything is as it should be. But they soon learn otherwise.


  • This episode got banned in the USA.

Scene CutsEdit

  • The first shot at the beginning of the scene flashes to remove the Japanese words from Big Cheese's TV exploding.
  • A shot of the monkey robot's introduction with insignias was cut.
  • A scene where the ostrich runs into the monster hand and Ninja Crows was shortened.  In the original, it shows a five-second freeze-frame of the panicking Ninja Crows with the hand in a shambles, while in the SPC dub it's half a second.
  • A scene where Guru Lou sexually harasses Polly by touching her rear while looking at the fake sword only to be bashed on the head with a frying pan held by Polly was cut.  This scene was also followed by Speedy protesting with a bomb and shuriken with words on them.
  • A brief shot of Bad Bird going alarmed with Japanese words above his heads after being tricked with Speedy's Ginzu sword was cut.
  • A brief second in a scene where Bad Bird's head enlarges while yelling at the monkey robot was cut.
  • A shot of the words from Big Cheese's self-destruct was cut.
  • A shot of the sign at the train station was cut.
  • The very end of the episode cuts where Polly's head enlarges as she yells at Guido, Speedy, and Guru Lou.