General Catton
KNT Character Template:Nihongo3
Demonym(s) General Catton
Gender Male
Species Robot Cat
Affiliation Rescue Team
Voice actor (SPC) A.J. Henderson
Seiyuu (KNT) Kiyoyuki Yanada

General Catton is one of four members of the Rescue Team (also referred to as "The B-team"). Each member of the Rescue Team is unique in their special talent, General Catton brings firepower to the Pizza Cats. General Catton is most likely the leader of the Rescue Team, he is equipped with two large canons on his back which (when needed) launch cannonballs at his adversary to take them out. The general is heavy set which gives him a greater presence and sense of commanding power on the field. General Catton is employed by Francine at a suburban Pizza Cat emporium which sometimes doubles as a sushi bar. His restaurant is located in the same district as the Little Tokyo sumo wrestling team home.