Field of Screwballs
Episode Number 17
Original Airdate 25 September 1990
KNT episode Miatte miatte yakyuu de shoubu
KNT episode number 18
Episode Staff
Previous episode Big Cheese's IQ Corral
Next Episode Speedy's Double-Time Trick

Princess Vi gets jealous when everyone in Little Tokyo is a love couple, so she decides to find a boyfriend. The Big Cheese kidnaps a famous baseball player, whom Princess Vi is a big fan of. He uses him in a baseball battle of the good guys vs. the bad guys. As the game starts, Bad Bird disguises himself as a snack boy and plans to make his move in case anything goes wrong; however, he has to serve everyone at the stadium. During the game, Princess Vi notices Bad Bird and she tells everyone that he is her new boyfriend.


  • First episode of Princess Vi tries to marry Bad Bird, but Bad Bird rejects her.
  • The Big Cheese crossdresses as a geisha and a cheerleader.
  • Both the Good Guys and Bad Guys are horrible at baseball.

Scene CutsEdit

  • At the beginning of the episode, a shot of Princess Vi's first subject she banishes cut out where she gets hit by a pencil box was cut, followed by Emperor Fred scrolling on the screen.
  • A scene where Francine's face accidentally gets covered with band-aid cuts where Francine picks up her abacus/calculator and says a line making Speedy and Polly confused.
  • A scene where the springy robot is first introduced cuts where the insignias are shown.
  • A shot of a newspaper article of Fernando was cut.
  • A shot where Speedy tries to cheer up Lucille replaces the insignias on a paper with a cat paw.
  • A shot of a video game-like screen of the baseball player changing positions erases the box with the word "Change".
  • A scene where Polly tricks Fernando of a fly ball erases a cloud with Japanese signatures above his head.
  • A shot of the scoreboard before the final score removes where the signatures are shown replacing with a score scrolling on the screen.
  • A shot of Japanese words above Big Cheese which crumbled into pieces is cut.
  • At the end of the episode, a few seconds of the final shot cuts where Momma Mutt and Junior leave right after Momma Mutt stands dazed.