Emperor Fred
KNT Character Shogun Iei Iei Tokugawa
Demonym(s) Emperor Fred
Gender Male
Species Robot Panda
Voice actor (SPC) Terrence Scammell
Seiyuu (KNT) Horiuchi Kenyuu

Emperor Fred(dio) is a panda and legal ruler of Little Tokyo, but Emperor Fred does not hold any real power because he is insane and tends to act like a scat singer. His usual utterance is simply his name ("Fuh-RED!"), and takes to scat singing on some occasions. However, he does speak coherently in at least four episodes.

He is married to Empress Fredia who is currently traveling around the world. In the English version, she only married him because he's rich.


  • Empress Fredia (wife)
  • Princess Vi (daughter)
  • Nanny she raised him.
  • Carla (illegitimate daughter) In the Lost Season, Carla was the Emperor's first born child he never knew and never will if the series continued)

Episodes where he talksEdit


  • He has 2 look-alike counterparts in the anime: