Cold and Crabby in Little Tokyo
Episode Number 26
Original Airdate 8 October 1990
KNT episode Daibouken! Zekkouchou wo sagase
KNT episode number 26
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Emperor Fred comes down with a bad cold that leaves him coherent! Big Al Dente summons the Pizza Cats to go to Mount Coochie to bring back the Cuckoo Bird which will restore Emperor Fred's insanity and cure his cold. But the Big Cheese also has a cold, and sends Bad Bird to get the Cuckoo Bird first.


  • Both good guys and bad guys win in this episode.
  • Speedy is the one that screws up the mission.
  • Speedy crossdresses in this episode.
  • Guid's Stale Kitty Litter attack is believed to be bad breath as he is shown yelling it out.

Scene CutsEdit

  • The first 40 seconds of the beginning of the episode where Speedy's nose is running due to a cold while showing a news article of Emperor Fred was cut.  Shots from the first scene such as the screen rumbling from Speedy's sneeze and blowing his nose was shown before the Pizza Cats prepare their mission. These shots replace a shot where Speedy sneezes and tells the cats to prepare their mission with a dripping nose and Gudio tells him to blow his nose.
  • A shot before Emperor Fred's palace is shown cuts where the citizens are shown all sick from a cold.
  • A scene where citizens talking about what Big Al Dente and Princess Vi might have done to Fred was cut.
  • Although they are shown in every episode, a scene where Momma Mutt lying down with a fever and Junior with a runny nose observing the Pizza Cats was cut.
  • Like every episode, the shot of the eight-armed robot's introduction erases his insignia.
  • A shot of Bad Bird hanging on a pointed rock with his beak from the fall erases where Japanese words translate: "Do Not Attempt This At Home!"
  • Shots of the Cuckoo bird speaking erase the Japanese translations.
  • The Pizza Cats' introduction was added for the English dub, since the original KNT version did not.