Big Cheese's High Definition TV
Episode Number 33
Original Airdate Not aired (US)
KNT episode Hissatsu sakusen! Tsuyoi zo Karakara ichizoku
KNT episode number 34
Episode Staff
Screenwriter Akahori Satoru (JP)
Previous episode Close Encounters of the Pig Kind
Next Episode Pizza Delivery of Doom!

Big Cheese's High Definition TV is the thirty-third episode of Kyatto Ninden Teyandee.


After reviewing their previous encounters with the Pizza Cats, the Big Cheese decides to combine the features from his previous robots into one super robot. But he leaves a flaw in the super robot and the Pizza Cats exploit it. Lucille defeated the robot. At the end, Bad Bird raises and resumes his training.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • This episode was not aired in America due to censorship but is available on DVD in English.
  • In the KNT version when the HDTV turns on, the theme song is heard followed by the beginning of the intro.
  • In this episode from episode 19 (20 in KNT), the robot is named Mama Wonton whereas in the other episode it was named Long Tall Sally.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene with Speedy sleeping on a bunk bed with a bubble out of his nose was cut.
  • A shot of Francine yelling at Speedy and Guido to wake up was cut.
  • Shots of Japanese notes on the doors where Big Cheese and his minions are was cut or replaced with the building.  Another shows Jerry running away from Princess Vi's yells and being pulled back in to be hit from the explosion was also cut. 
  • A scene where Bad Bird and his Ninja Crows were showing sleeping with bubbles followed by Jerry yelling at them to wake up was cut.
  • A scene showing an advertisement before Big Cheese rips the screen and yells was cut.  Another from the HDTV showing words was cut as well.
  • Like episode 19 (episode 20 in KNT), the scene where the robot loses her dress exposing her undergarments was cut.
  • A shot of the shop Lucille visits was shortened to remove where the sign is shown.  Other shots with insignias were also cut.
  • A scene where the Pizza Cats are transforming was added for the English dub.