Bat Cat
KNT Character Template:Nihongo3
Demonym(s) Bat Cat
Voice actor (SPC) Rick Jones
Seiyuu (KNT) Kashiwakura Tsutomu

Bat Cat is one of four members of the Rescue Team (also referred to as "The B-team") A rip off from the A-team. Each member of the Rescue Team is unique in their special talent, Bat Cat's individual gift is the ability to fly. With the aid of his wings (stylized like bat wings) and a propeller reaching out above his head and a mini propeller on his tail - he is the only Pizza Cat with the ability to be airborne constantly. Bat Cat is employed by Francine and is stationed at one of the Pizza Cats suburban outposts. Bat Cat has quite a desire to be into the action and sometimes finds it frustrating having to clean up after the Pizza Cats. He does however have a great knack for alliteration, having spent three years in first grade he got a chance to learn and re-learn hundreds of rhymes and tongue twisters. He is the most qualified of all the cats to take on Francine in a rhyming game.