Bad Max Rockatansky
Bad Max
KNT Character Zankaa (ザンカア)</td></tr>
Demonym(s) Good Max Rockatansky
Crow Magnon
闇のザンカア (Yami no Zankaa)</td></tr>
Gender Male</td></tr>
Species Crow</td></tr>
Affiliation Ninja Crows</td></tr>
Voice actor (SPC) Walter Massey</td></tr>
Seiyuu (KNT) Yasunori Matsumoto</td></tr>


Bad Max Rockatansky (Zankaa of the Darkness) is the leader of the Rude Noise. He is determined to prove he can be a powerful warrior, but fails to do so. His final fight was with Polly and Guido during the comet showdown and was last seen with his crew walking the streets of Little Tokyo in the aftermath.


  • Tomahawk Axe.


  • His name is a play on Mad Max, a character from a movie by the same name, played by Mel Gibson; his former name is a play on the prehistoric man of the Cro-magnon caves.