Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 1)
Episode Number 36
Original Airdate 22 October 1990
KNT episode Masaka?! Yattarou yuuhi ni shisu
KNT episode number 37
Episode Staff
Previous episode Youth is for Exploding
Next Episode Bad Bird Uncaged (Part 2)

Bad Bird is back with powerful new weapons and challenges Speedy to a battle. Can Speedy defeat him?


  • Big Cheese crossdresses in this episode
  • Bad Bird defeated the entire Samurai Pizza Cats.

Scene CutsEdit

  • A scene where Bad Bird threatened a snake charmer was added for the English dub to remove a scene where Bad Bird stands in bright smoke from an explosion after firing his bazooka.
  • A scene where Bad Bird fires his sniper at Guido destroying his umbrella was cut.
  • A shot of Bad Bird changing his flute from a sniper to a bazooka followed by Guido and Polly reacting was cut.
  • A shot of an explosion where a bullet chases Polly and Guido was cut.
  • A scene where Jerry Atric goes disgusted over Big Cheese crossdressing before they fight was cut.
  • A single shot of Jerry Atric's fist in Big Cheese's mouth was cut.
  • A scene where a news bulletin is shown on TV cuts where people run off from an explosion and Bad Bird kicking the news reporter aside and firing his sniper.
  • A shot of Bad Bird standing on a monolith in Japanese words carved in stone and being praised by the Ninja Crows as explained by Jerry was cut.  Another shot of him with the same monolith as he faces Lucille was also cut.
  • A shot of the Pizza Cats watching the news was extended for the English dub to remove where Bad Bird has a gun to Lucille's head.
  • A shot of the cloud explosion in the shape of a tulip from episode 33 in a flashback was cut.
  • Two seconds of Bad Bird forming his flute into a sniper during his battle with Speedy was cut.
  • A scene where Bad Bird finishes off Speedy with a bazooka was cut including where Mama, Junior, and the audience witnessing the explosion in a bright light caused from it and Lucille saddened by Speedy's "death".  Shots of smoke rising where Speedy was hit were also cut. 
  • A scene where Big Cheese does his usual explosion from almost every episode while celebrating cuts where the insignias are shown.