A Wet and Wild Weekend!
Episode Number 41
Original Airdate 29 October 1990
KNT episode Tairansen de ii yu dana!?
KNT episode number 42
Episode Staff
Previous episode Princess Vi's Hippy Dippy Mom
Next Episode Kung Fu Kitty Kontest

All the Pizza Cats and bad guys travel to the same spa for a vacation. Instead of fighting, they have a truce. But the little things that keep happening eventually put both sides back to status quo, and ending their vacation .


  • Momma Mutt launches the Pizza Cats for the first and only time, followed by Junior doing the announcing, as it is shown that Francine goes with them.


  • Seymour Big Cheese's robot of the day transforms into Michael Jackson during a game of charades.
  • Speedy sings Annie's "Tomorrow".

Scene CutsEdit

  • Two shots of the beginning of the scene showing exteriors of Little Tokyo was added for the English dub.
  • A scene where Speedy talks of Al Dente cuts where Polly tells the cats that they should get ready followed by Francine goes excited and packs up to go with the Pizza Cats followed by a Japanese "Closed" sign was cut for time constraints.
  • A single shot of the spa entrance with a sign was cut.
  • A single shot of naked women at a spa in Speedy and Guido's minds was cut.
  • A scene of a scroll in Japanese writing from Jerry Atric, in which Speedy and Bad Bird sign in handprints was cut.
  • A scene where the robot of the day is introduced cuts where the insignias are shown.
  • A shot of the robot transforming into what looks like Valerie Bertinelli right after his Michael Jackson transformtion was cut.
  • When Bad Bird held the scroll, a part of the scroll erases a writing.
  • A shot of Princess Vi and Emperor Fred in the spa during Speedy and Bad Bird's ping pong match was cut.
  • A scene where Bad Bird goes angry and tears up the scroll cuts where the writings are shown.
  • The final scene cuts where Princess Vi yells at the camera.