Seymour Cheese
KNT Character Kitsunezuka Ko'on-no-Kami
Japanese 狐塚コーン守
Demonym(s) Seymour The Big Cheese
Voice actor (SPC) Dean Hagopian
Seiyuu (KNT) Ikuya Sawaki

Seymour Cheese (狐塚コーン守, Kitsunezuka Ko'on-no-Kami) who is often referred to as the Big Cheese, is the prime minister of Little Tokyo and the main antagonist of the Samurai Pizza Cats. In the Japanese version, he is a fox. But in the English version, he identifies himself as a rat.

Seymour is one of the members of the royal council in the public image but has big ambitions to overthrow the emperor and take over Little Tokyo. As the supreme commander of the Ninja Crows clan, he tries to seize control but is invariably thwarted by the heroes or his own incompetence. He has the bad habit of literally exploding with anger every time he is disappointed at his failure, which usually happens near the end of every episode.

He has a large extended family of many nationalities all over the world, all who are involved in crime and mayhem, and the common quirk of exploding when angered. The Big Cheese is a flamboyant and openly gay showoff, prone to overacting, crossdressing, and flirting with male subordinates. In one episode, surprisingly, he tells Princess Vi she is crazy in front of her and the council when he was ordered to take care of a baby (who thought Cheese was his father) and open a daycare center and diaper cleaning service.


  • Jerry Atric: He has a close relationship with him being the head of command of the Ninja Crows clan.
  • Bad Bird: He sometimes interacts with him being the operation leader.
  • Big Al Dente: The two work together as fellow councilmen but not on the same terms, as well as Al Dente knowing the Big Cheese's true character and ambitions.
  • Princess Vi: He serves the princess, but he deeply wants to overthrow her and the emperor. Like Al Dente, he sometimes tells Princess Vi that she's crazy and he sometimes can't tolerate her behavior.
  • Ninja Crows: He views them with least respect as his minions.


  • The SPC creators change his species to a rat, as a modification to reinforce his position as a cat's natural enemy, even though he maintains the bushy robotic foxtail.
    • Another reason was speculated however in real-life, there's an actual rat that has a bushy tail, nicknamed the "bush-tailed wood-rat".
  • His name is a slang term given to those in position of power.
  • He is the only character who crossdresses the most.
  • He and Speedy fear earthquakes.
  • Though the Big Cheese does not participate in any battle, he was trained in boxing but not on the same level as the Ninja Crows and Jerry Atric.
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